Watch 100 Years of Bridal Makeup

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Watch 100 Years of Bridal Makeup

Simple and sweet? Bold and sultry? O’natural? These makeup trends come from a century of brides striving for the perfect beat on their perfect day. Vintage-inspired styles continue to make waves down the aisle, even today. While products have evolved, these looks are timeless.

1920’s: Brides took a tip from the stars of the silver screen and used cream-to-powder foundations to keep their skin matte. Glamorous hairpieces completed the old Hollywood vibe brides coveted in the roaring ’20s.

1930’s: Greta Garbo-inspired arched eyebrows and red lips were the pinnacle of 30s wedding makeup.

1940’s: With America entering WWII, there was a wedding boom in the states. Bridal makeup was simple and streamlined. The adventurous bride matched her lip, cheek, and nail color, often using the popular Elizabeth Arden hue, Montezuma Red.

1950’s: The doe eye took over post-war era wedding looks, leaning into a more feminine style. Pinks and oranges became more popular lipstick colors, branching out from the classic red.

1960’s: Feathery false eyelashes, shimmering shadow, and pale pink lipstick were the classic marks of the modern bride.

1970’s: For the first time, makeup looks are diverse and unique to the bride herself. From neutral palettes to all-out disco shine, wedding makeup was all about the woman walking down the aisle.

1980’s: The over-the-top dresses of the 80s influenced the bold makeup looks seen at the altar. Think heavy foundation, contouring with blush, and dramatic eyeshadow shades.

1990’s: Celebrities like Carolyn Bessette ushered in a new era of “no-makeup” makeup. Brides opted for light foundation and mascara with a thin eyeliner.

2000’s: Brides embraced the smokey eye paired with a neutral lip color in the aughts.

2010’s: Meghan Markle spawned a movement of sheer, dewy wedding makeup when you could famously see her freckles peeking through her foundation.

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