Shahid Kapoor Also Asks In-House Skincare Expert Mira Rajput For Help

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ICYDK: Shahid Kapoor Also Asks In-House Skincare Expert Mira Rajput For Help

Shahid Kapoor shared this photo. (Image courtesy: shahidkapoor)


  • Mira shared a screenshot of Shahid’s personal message to her on Sunday
  • “Look who is curious about skincare!” she wrote
  • “Real influence,” she added

New Delhi:

Mira Rajput loves sharing skincare tips and tricks on her social media profile and just like her fans, her husband and actor Shahid Kapoor also relies on her for the best skincare advice. How do we know this? On Sunday, Mira Rajput shared a screenshot of her DM that shows Shahid Kapoor asking her about a skincare product on a personal message. “Find out what this is,” read Shahid Kapoor’s message for a product in the screenshot picture. Sharing it, Mira Rajput hilariously wrote: “Look who is curious about skincare! #realinfluence.” See Mira Rajput’s Instagram story here:


Screenshot of Mira Rajput’s Instagram story.

From sharing the skincare products she uses on daily basis to the yoga routine that helps her to get flawless skin, Mira Rajput’s Instagram posts really influence her Instafam to follow her skincare routine.

Earlier this month, Mira Rajput shared how she gets ready within minutes in a video. “A Minute to Makeup. #GRWM in less than a minute. On most days I like to go makeup-free and when I do get dressed up (counting on my fingers) my makeup is usually minimal. I never wear foundation and play up my eyes and keep the lips natural and nude – My hunt for the perfect nude is always on, because day or night that’s my go-to colour! A pink pop for healthy cheeks and as for brows, it’s usually a comb through with a spoolie and barely there filling since I keep my brows thick. So it pretty much takes me a minute to get it all done! I struggle with brushes, and my fingers get it done quicker,” read a part of her caption.

Before that, Mira shared the three things she does every morning after waking up for good health: “3 things I do after I wake up. (After I’ve snoozed 7 times of course). 1) 12 rounds of Anulom Vilom: it’s like 3 espresso shots but without the jitters. Gets you mentally ready for the day, calm, rejuvenated and a wake up for the brain! 2) Posture Correction Exercises: It’s really changed the way I stand and carry myself. Simple stretches and holds to open up the shoulders, neck, traps and chest especially after sleeping all curled up. It also helps with blood flow and puffiness dissipates quickly. You feel great through the whole day! 3) Drink raisin+ saffron water: A practice for every woman, and I’ve been doing this for the last 3 years. I soak 5 raisins and a strand of saffron every night in 1/4 cup of water and drink (or eat) it first thing in the morning. It helps with hormonal balancing, pain-free periods, acne and PMS. I’ve felt the difference myself. Drink your warm water or whatever you prefer after.”

Mira Rajput married actor Shahid Kapoor on July 7 in 2015. They are parents to two kids.

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