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Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova went without makeup for a beautiful day of creating art and let her fans on Instagram know they were seeing the ‘real’ her, lines and all.

Paulina Porizkova is clapping back at the haters on Instagram again with another makeup-free photo. The supermodel, 55, posted a gorgeous photo of herself drawing in a sunlit room, her hair up in a messy ponytail and her face bare. She told her followers that she was showing them the “real” her — someone not bothered by their appearance when there are other things that bring her joy.

“Angles from below against sharp light is a great way to spotlight the thinner and softer drape of our faces as we age,” Paulina wrote as the caption on the February 12 post. “I like this photo. It shows the real me, caught in a moment of being transported into a different world where all that matters is line, light and shadow. This is all about my inside — the outside — for a moment — be damned. #nobotox #nofiller #nosurgery YET.” She included a laughing emoji.

Her breathtaking makeup-free photo comes one day after an Instagram follower rudely said that she wasn’t “aging well” and needed Botox. Paulina reposted their comment, which read: “Honey just go get some work done you are not aging well, all the other supermodels are doing it why not!?! You are spending all this money on products that are not working, just do it! Lower face lift, some filler and Botox it will make you feel great! Then you will find a nice man!!!”

Paulina Porizkova stuns on the red carpet at the New York premiere of Florence Foster Jenkins, 8/9/16 (SplashNews)

The audacity. Her husband, rock star Ric Ocasek, died quite recently. Plus, nobody needs “work done” if they don’t want it. Paulina’s response to the troll was great. “Comments like these are much less helpful than the poster surely intended. On the more serious side — this is the kind of crap us, seasoned women, have to deal with all the time. We’re told to be grateful for getting to be older (considering the alternatives) and simultaneously we’re shamed of daring to age.”

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