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Camila Cabello felt “scary” to wear “much less” makeup because of her prestigious role in the new “Cinderella”.

The 24-year-old pop singer made her screen debut in the Disney Classic Amazon Prime remake, and in how much more “live and unfiltered” she performed than playing her song on television. I made it open about what it is.

In Sky’s “Backstage” podcast, Camilla admits: “Acting in movies is much more raw and unfiltered than when performing on TV.

“First of all, there is much less make-up. At first I [found] I’m scared, the movie has a big surrender, and I think there’s a lot of trust in the director.

“It’s different from music, music is a bit more rigorous and controlled, and it expresses itself in this one way.”

She continued on the biggest challenge. “It’s very intimate. I think the challenge is that it really exists with the person you’re talking to and forgets that the camera is there. It can be difficult.”

The “Don’t Go Yet” hit maker, dating fellow pop star Shawn Mendes, portrays a stronger, more independent princess to inspire young girls.

She added: “I, like a young girl, saw this and continued to think about how to grow, looking at these fairy tales, from the perspective of unknowingly internalizing many of these messages. Will be internalized in the meantime. “

The “Havana” singer, who co-stars with Billy Porter, Idina Menzel and Pierce Brosnan, previously admitted to being inspired by Cinderella.

The chart-top pop star loved the iconic character and confessed that she was inspired by her outlook on life.

Camilla, who first gained fame as part of Fifth Harmony, explains:

“I love living in her magical world. She believes in dreams, she believes in love, and I believe in all the good things because I want to be like that. I want to do it as much as I can. I am thinking.”

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